Design a new future

What's holding you back?

Escape the prison of your past

Step out of your history into a new and different future that you want

Break through the walls

Change your tactics to open up your options and achieve what you want

Get control of your future

Get new techniques to specify your future, tell the story, take advantage of happenstance, cash-up the value and costs and deliver the end you want

Practical workshops make it happen

Where are you going?

…and does everyone agree? How can I sustain commitment? How can I make my ‘soft’ vision deliverable? How will I know when it’s all done?

You will use D4’s Vision-Derivation, Recognition Event and Transfiguration techniques to make your vision tangible, reveal consensus, embed sponsor commitment and enable stakeholders to know when their expectations are met.

How are you going to get there?

What’s the story? How can I find the minimum necessary path to the future I want? How can I avoid an explosion of detail? How do I avoid increases of scope and budgets?

Traditional planning leads to complexity and uncertainty.

Using D4’s Recognition Event and Backcast Planning techniques we will take away these problems with you and show you how to do it for yourself.

What will it be worth to you?

Estimating the inestimable. Can I put a cash value on qualitative benefits? How can I resist political pressure to make unrealistic cost, benefit and schedule estimates?

D4’s Monte Carlo Box technique will show you how to find Value Flashpoints and use Four-Point Estimating to get safe estimates of values and costs, including qualitative outcomes.

You will learn how to use Fermi Estimation to put realistic values of the achievement of changes and turn your estimation challenges into real financial outcomes.

How do I manage people to make it happen?

People make things happen but I hate managing people! What should I delegate and how should I manage people? How can I deal with unforeseeable events?

Using D4’s Recognition Event, Backcast Planning and Benefit Control techniques, you will learn a new way to simplify control and to get everyone and everything continuously refocusing on its common goal.

How do I win over doubters?

They won’t do what I want! How can I overcome cynicism and skepticism about change?

We will explore D4’s Transfiguration techniques to demonstrate how resistance can be transformed into cheerleading by listening and changing the game.

Exercises will let you explore the technique and use it for yourself.

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