Isochron and its Directors

Isochron Ltd is a Planning company

Enables businesses and people to design and deliver their own futures
Founded in 2002 and owns a set of novel and clever practical techniques
Tools packaged together in a method called “D4”
Opposite of the planning processes you are used to
Developed from research and development carried out between 1987 and 2001
Remarkable track record since 2002 in meeting and exceeding peoples’ expectations of their futures.

This will allow us to jump the curve and start to deliver what are actually the entry points into the market place.

Director in BT Division using D4 to build a new business

Ian Hogg


Ian Hogg

Ian Hogg has twenty years’ experience in management consultancy, mergers and acquisitions and business change.  This experience was gained working for IBM, both in the Global Business Services consultancy division and within the Corporate Development M&A group.

As a consultant, he has worked with local UK businesses and global corporations in a variety of industries.  These include banking, life and pensions, general insurance, car rental, private equity, and pharmaceuticals.

Ian has an MBA from Henley Management College, and also attended the University of Edinburgh.

As well as acting as the Managing Director of Isochron, he runs RitchieHogg Ltd, a Merger and Acquisition consultancy specialising in mid-market acquisition integration.

Alan Fowler


Alan Fowler

Alan Fowler is the founder of Isochron, a UK company specialising in designing and delivering futures for organisations. He authored the D4 method that the company owns, having originated the core concepts with colleagues in 1987-91.

Alan has 44 years’ experience in business large and small and has spent one-third of his career working in UK Central Government, one-third in Ernst Young LLP and one-third in SME business.

Alan is passionately interested in how time and change is managed in organisations. He has carried out original research into the subject and presented papers at international conferences.

Alan is the author with Dennis Lock of ‘Accelerating Business and IT Change’. He has lectured in many organisations including the British Computer Society, IBM and the Project Managers Institute.

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