How D4 Works

D4 provides:

An answer to wicked problems
A framework for change
A disciplined process
Cross-checks for decision-making
Insights, techniques and tools

D4 combines these into a re-usable method with substance and history.

Certainly leading edge with no other part of the public sector, perhaps service sector, anywhere near this level

Methods which have D4 Inside:

  • Share and acknowledge the research and credentials of D4
  • Plan and re-plan from the future backwards
  • Prioritise delivering what the investors and customers want
  • Document the required future state in recognisable and deliverable terms
  • Achieve targets through change, not change through targets
  • Identify cash benefits thoroughly and systematically, based on Accounts
  • Connect achievement of change with cash benefits in a granular way
  • Use four-point and Fermi-based estimating for benefits and costs
  • Enable behavioural as well as procedural change
  • Inspect and recognise achievement

Amongst my applications of Catastrophe Theory, I particularly liked buckling, capsizing, embryology, evolution, psychology, anorexia, animal behaviour, ideologies, committee behaviours, economics and drama.

Christopher Zeeman, Mathematician