History of D4

The D4 Story

The Problem
The Tipping-Point
Where next?

A winner fulfills his contract with the world and with himself. That is, he sets out to do something, says that he is committed to doing it, and in the long run, does it.

Eric Berne, Sociologist

People have said

They (the techniques) find the single most effective path to the future.”

Journalist filming a change programme using D4 in a global telecomms company

We have used D4 methods over the last three years. The methods are unique and practical. They have provided the thread that links together the IT and the business case in our core programme. It is based on commercial principles from start to finish and promotes detailed and realistic scrutiny of return on investment.”

Large enterprise internal evaluation paper

Innovative, interesting and practical.”

Senior client of an FS Firm working in a UK Central Government Unit.

This will allow us to jump the curve and start to deliver what are actually the entry points into the market place.”

Director in BT Division using D4 to build a new business

It has helped us to describe our long-term future in terms of tangible and meaningful outcomes and to formulate a clear long-term plan. Helpful, practical, comprehensive.”

Deputy Director in UK Government